• Posted 28/10/2018 8:13pm

PeopleMAD is growing!

We have some exciting news.  We are thrilled to be welcoming some new faces to the PeopleMAD team.  This month we’d like to introduce Anne-Marie Wells who is joining Sarah and Lynsey. 

Anne Marie photo5Anne-Marie is originally from Bath in the UK where she worked as a software engineer and then as a business analyst before moving to New Zealand in 2007 to join her husband Duncan in his sharemilking business. In 2011 they set up an equity partnership which they currently run as farm managers on the Taieri, Otago.

Anne-Marie is passionate about reducing the burden of office work.  Anne-Marie has experience of working with different personalities through change and first-hand knowledge of the benefits of office systems development to a farming business.Combining her corporate background with her farming knowledge, Anne-Marie will work with you to develop office systems which reduce the burden of paperwork and help you grow confidence in the business side of your farming operation.

Anne-Marie believes with sound structure in our businesses, we can improve accuracy, reduce stress and most importantly, free up time to do more enjoyable things.

Anne-Marie and Duncan are also finalists in the Primary Industries Good Employer Awards, in the safe and healthy work environments category.  This is fantastic news and we are a looking forward to the outcome of the awards dinner at Parliament on 27 November. It’s great to see the great employers in the primary industries being recognised and celebrated!  For more information on the awards and other finalists see: www.mpi.govt.nz/about-us/our-work/scholarships-and-awards/primary-industries-good-employer-awards-2018/  

We have another new addition joining us next month.  Stay tuned…

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