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Sarah Watson

Sarah has led and managed her own teams and held senior HR Manager roles in companies with 500-1500 staff. She is an experienced trainer and coach capable of developing and delivering training on a range of people and systems topics.

Experience in sharemilking and farm supervision for large-scale operations means Sarah has a real-world understanding of the challenges leaders and managers face when leading their teams.

Sarah was contracted to develop, manage and deliver DairyNZ’s FarmTune® programme. The programme has been successfully delivered throughout Southland, Canterbury and Waikato. Farmers continue to report positive outcomes for their people and their businesses, including increased productivity, safety, time management and team engagement.

Sarah provides People and Business consulting, coaching, training and advice to small-medium size businesses and is passionate about helping them achieve great results through their people.  


If you want to create a more efficient and enjoyable farm operation, get in touch and let's make it happen.

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