Whether you are self-employed, an employee, or an employer of a team of people, chances are some of the people around you won’t be performing as well as they could be. Heck, if you’re honest it may even be the person in the mirror!

What makes some people good at what they do, while others always seem to be idling along? Chances are they’ve never had the right kind of guidance and they may not even be aware that there could be a better way...

If you know your team or your business is capable of much more, but you haven’t quite “cracked the code” consider this…

Would you like straight-up, effective advice – based on 30 years combined experience in recruiting, motivating, managing and developing people … experience gained in the corporate sector and as owners of their own businesses?

If you answered Yes, you’re in the right place…

At PeopleMAD, we have over 30 years experience in human resources and business management in a range of industries, including agriculture and hospitality. As well as owning and building our own businesses, we have worked with both large and small business owners.

PeopleMAD have been delivering seminars and providing coaching to employers and managers since 2002.

Both Tony and Sarah are passionate about helping employers and managers get the best out of people. They offer practical advice and real strategies that can be used immediately.

PeopleMAD stands for “Management and Development”, and both areas create real opportunities for you to stand out and become an employer of choice.

Do You Want to Improve the Performance of Your People?